Pest Control

When storing your RV or travel trailer, you want to be sure that nothing will happen while you’re gone. One common issue that trailer owners have is dealing with pests and rodents.

Pest & Rodent Control

Keeping your trailer or RV free of pests

When storing your RV or travel trailer, you want to be sure that nothing will happen while you’re gone. One common issue that trailer owners have is dealing with pests.

There are steps you can take to mitigate them getting onto your trailer. However, if your storage facility doesn’t have a preventative pest control plan, it may not do much.

Many RV and trailer storage facilities face pest and rodent control issues largely due to the fact the property is stored outdoors.

Alta RV Pest Control Strategy

Common Storage Facility Issues

Controlling Potential Pests
Alta RV Pest Control

Storage facilities, especially indoor self-storage that store multitudes of items, often struggle to control rodents and insects like cockroaches, spiders, bedbugs and ants. While you can control what’s in your unit, you can’t control the neighbours.

Luckily, since Alta RV Parking & Storage focuses on outdoor storage, pests and rodents are easier to control.

Additionally, because we only store RVs, trailers, tent trailers, ATVs, boats and 5th wheels, you won’t have to worry about more general issues you’d find in multipurpose storage facilities.

Aggressive Pest & Rodent Control


At Alta RV Parking & Storage, we care about controlling pests and rodents on our property. That’s why we have taken an aggressive approach to try to keep them out!

We believe in prevention! Alta RV Parking & Storage keeps our property in tiptop shape, so rodents and pests don’t find a foothold in our lot.

Dealing with a large spread pest and rodent problem is harder once it has taken hold. We would rather take the time and spend the money to ensure that it doesn’t become a problem.

We understand that returning to your RV or trailer and finding out it’s now home to a family of rodents isn’t anyone’s best-case scenario.

That’s why we commit to reducing the risk of this happening. Keeping our lot in the best possible shape to avoid creating a welcoming environment for pests is our priority.

Alta RV Pest and Rodent Control

Keeping A Clean Environment

Use Our Free Sani Dump
Alta RV Pest Control and Surveillance

We commit to keeping our clients happy by keeping our storage lot clean. While this does include our rodent and pest control strategy, we also offer a complimentary sanitation dump.

Our sanitation dump is free because we believe this is an essential service when storing RVs and trailers.

We want you to be able to conveniently clean out your tanks without having to pay an extra fee.

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